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We had a fabulous 2024 meeting at Zzyzx. And got our kicks on a field trip that included a stop at Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association (think you for the tour). Thank you for all who attended and made it memorable. We have a small collection of photos for the meeting and trip that we will make available on the web site. If you have some to contribute please send them to dmiller@usgs.gov.

Attached is a flyer for Desert Symposium 2025 [April 18-21 2025] and also one for the field trip. The meeting themes are "Extending the Basin and Range" and "Desert Archeology". Read the field trip flyer to learn why the duel themes and also about the opportunity to join evening performances of a musical written for the trip!

2025 Desert Symposium Field Trip

2025 Desert Symposium flyer

It's never too soon to start mulling about contributions you can make to the meeting and trip! As usual, any topic related to deserts is welcome and topics focused on the themes are great. Both oral and poster presentations are options. Students: there is a steep discount on registration for students as well as a substantial cash award for the best student presentation. This is a great meeting to learn that presentations can be fun and rewarding. We don't bite!

And we promise to do better at describing roads that are suitable for cars next year…



About the Desert Symposium

The Desert Symposium is a gathering of scientists and lay people interested in the natural history of arid lands. The meeting consists of two days of scientific presentations followed by a two-day field trip. Recent meetings have been held at the Desert Studies Center in Zzyzx, CA, on the edge of Dry Soda Lake, Oral and poster presentations are given, and a keynote lecture is presented. Student papers are judged with the best being awarded prizes, and an annual grant is given to a promising student. Field trips are lead by professional scientists and often require 4WD vehicles. The Desert Symposium and its field trip take place annually, usually in April. Each year the Desert Symposium publishes a proceedings volume including relevant research papers and a field trip guide built around the annual them.

You can download the 2024 volume from this link.

2024 Desert Symposium Field Guide and Proceedings: Get Your Kicks! Trails Across the Mojave. David M. Miller & Stephen M. Rowland, editors



View northeast from Zzyzx across Soda Lake at rainbow
David Lynch Photo

SHARE YOUR RESEARCH: Original and previously unpublished scientific research papers relating to the Mojave Desert or any subject involving any desert are welcome. All papers submitted will be peer-reviewed for relevance to desert topics and scientific content before acceptance.

TOPICS: geology, biology, botany, ecology, archaeology, hydrology, paleontology, tectonics, climate, history, mining, mineralogy, conservation, desert resource management

History of the Desert Symposium

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