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DS2019 will be April 19-22, 2019 in Zzyzx.
Theme: "Exploring Ends of Eras in the Eastern Mojave Desert" will take place in and around Clark Mt. & Ivanpah Valley with an emphasis on the Pleistocene/Holocene transition period.

The first "new" Desert Symposium (2018) was terrific. Great meeting, top notch science, wonderful field trip(s) and, as usual, a congenial gathering of Rattus desertus mojaveus. Many thanks to all who helped make 2018 a success: attendees, volunteers, DSC people and road trip constructors. A special thanks to Jennifer Reynolds for putting together the proceedings volume.

Student paper winner: Bian Wang, 1st Place, Ecological diversity of mammalian faunas of the Mojave Desert and the Great Plains, in relation to landscape history (with Catherine Badgley)
Student paper winner: Jenna Norris, 2nd Place, How long can desert tortoises, Gopherus agassizii , hide in their burrows from climate change? (with Jeffrey E. Lovich, Rafael A. Lara-Resendiz and Shellie R. Puffer)

Now it's your turn. Please tell us what we could do to make the meeting better. Longer or shorter meeting? Different days of the week or time of year? Different location? Suggestions for field trip themes? Comments on oral and poster presentations, food, invited speakers, anything at all.

Desert Symposium, Inc is looking for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering with us or becoming an intern, please contacts us (see CONTACTS page) and tell us what you're good at and what you would like to do. Most people only see what happens at the meeting but putting the event together is a year-round effort.

We're already planning 2019 and beyond, and you can help. Please consider donating to the Desert Symposium. All contributions are tax deductible. Perhaps your organization would like to become an institutional partner. Your friends at Desert Symposium are eager to hear from you.

2018 Desert Symposium Group photo by Darren Sandquist

April 20-23(24), 2018   Zzyzx, CA

32nd annual meeting and field trip theme:

Against the Current: The Mojave River from Sink to Source

Original and previously unpublished scientific research papers relating to Mojave hydrology or any subject involving the desert are welcome. All papers submitted will be peer-reviewed for relevance to desert topics and scientific content before acceptance.

2018 Keynote Presentation will be:
The Cerutti Mastodon site: evidence for hominins in southern California 130,000 years ago.
Thomas A Deméré (San Diego Natural History Museum) and Steven R. Holen (Center for American Paleolithic Research)(Abstract PDF)

2018 Desert Symposium Program (PDF)
2018 Desert Symposium Proceedings Volume (PDF)
Google Earth image of field trip stops Day 1 and Day 2 (JPG)
Topo map image of field trip stops Day 3 (Not a DS event) (PDF)

Abstract submission: January 20, 2018
Manuscript submission: February 20, 2018
Registration: April 6, 2018 No on-site registration. Register early!

Registration is closed.

CARPOOLING! All of us will be carpooling during some or all of the field trip. To the extent possible, please make arrangements to carpool before the meeting with people who you know will be going on the field trip.

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