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Desert Symposium 2020 will be April 17-20, 2020 in Zzyzx.

Theme: Changing Facies

Fossils from the Mojave Desert first reached UC Berkeley more than a century ago, and the rush was on to Red Rock Canyon, the Mud Hills, and Lake Manix. Once, greenish-gray sediments meant “lake", but now some facies are considered to be ground water discharge deposits. Many “baked contacts” are now recognized as paleosols. The distribution of these facies and their changes through time tells a story of landscapes and climates with fossils using biostratigraphy.

The Mojave contains a 24-million-year sequence of fossiliferous sediments from the Arikareean Land Mammal Age of early Miocene times through the Rancholabrean of Pleistocene times. The Barstovian Land Mammal Age was named for a faunal assemblage in the central Mojave Desert near Barstow. Come follow in the footsteps of great paleontologists as we explore the facies and faunas of the Mojave Desert and the southwestern Basin and Range Province.

Registration for the 2020 meeting is open.

Abstract and paper submission: 7 February 2020
Final submission of reviewed and revised papers:  6 March 2020
Registration:  20 March 2020,  5p PDT

Original and previously unpublished scientific research papers relating to the Mojave Desert or any subject involving any desert are welcome. All papers submitted will be peer-reviewed for relevance to desert topics and scientific content before acceptance.

topics: geology,  biology,  botany,  ecology,  archaeology,  hydrology,  paleontology,  tectonics,  climate,  history,  mining,  mineralogy,  conservation,  desert resource management

CARPOOLING! All of us will be carpooling during some or all of the field trip. To the extent possible, please make arrangements to carpool before the meeting with people who you know will be going on the field trip.

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