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The October 2021 Desert Symposium has been
postponed until spring 2022.


We regret to announce another postponement. The pandemic is taking twists and turns that make indoor meetings extremely difficult to plan and hold. We ask you to cross off the October meeting and instead pencil in a late March/early April 2022 symposium. We hope to announce the dates and location soon.

Our apologies to those of you who must cancel travel plans, and especially to authors who have planned to present at the meeting.

The spring symposium will have the same theme - Volcanoes of the Mojave - and we will publish the papers and abstracts submitted for the October meeting at that time. The postponement offers a limited opportunity for additional contributions. Please send ideas for new papers and abstracts to dmiller@usgs.gov. We will provide more information later. Stay tuned!

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Desert Symposium, we have 50 copies of the Field Guide and Proceedings available for purchase. The price of obtaining a copy of the field guide is $25.00. It includes postage and as a bonus one of the final papers submitted by Robert (Bob) E. Reynolds before his passing. Please send payment to: Desert Symposium Inc., C/O Bruce W Bridenbecker, 7528 Lucerne Vista Ave, Yucca Valley, CA 92284

The 2022 Desert Symposium: Dates and locations to be announced.

Theme: Volcanoes in the Mojave
Cima volcanic field    Pisgah_Crater    Lavic_Lake_volcanic_field    Amboy Crater

Eruptions of basalt lava at Cima as recently as 10,000 years ago highlight the ongoing and widespread young volcanic fields of Quaternary and Pliocene age in the Mojave Desert. We plan to visit Cima volcanic field and several others across the desert. Be ready for lava tubes, cinder cones, and maybe even a lucky find of a xenolith from EarthÕs mantle!

SHARE YOUR RESEARCH: Original and previously unpublished scientific research papers relating to the Mojave Desert or any subject involving any desert are welcome. All papers submitted will be peer-reviewed for relevance to desert topics and scientific content before acceptance.

topics: geology,  biology,  botany,  ecology,  archaeology,  hydrology,  paleontology,  tectonics,  climate,  history,  mining,  mineralogy,  conservation,  desert resource management

CARPOOLING! All of us will be carpooling during some or all of the field trip. To the extent possible, please make arrangements to carpool before the meeting with people who you know will be going on the field trip.

Winner of the 2020 Robert E. Reynolds Desert Symposium Student Research Award
Cali Trammell (CSUN)
"Basin Analysis of the Eocene Goler Formation, Mojave Desert, California"

Download the 2020 Desert Symposium Field Guide and Proceedings (Changing Facies) from our Publications page.

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