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Desert Symposium 2023 April 21 to 22
Field trip April 23 to 24.




Theme: Mines of the Mojave.
The meeting theme is "mining impacts in the desert southwest" and the field trip, led by Gregg Wilkerson and Bruce Bridenbecker, will tour mines present and past across the Mojave Desert, setting them in the socioeconomic events of the times and explaining why the mined commodities were/are of value. Plan on visiting some active mines along the way!

Desert Studies Center. We plan a return to Zzyzx! The field trip will overnight at DSC on Sunday night the 23th.

Plan your presentation.
As usual, talks and posters related to the theme are encouraged but any presentation having to do with deserts is welcome. The theme is about not only mining, but also topics such as impacts of mining in terms of infrastructure, recovery of mined areas, contamination, economics, and historical context of mining through the years (including prehistorical mining!). We will have a call for titles later this year but if you are inspired, send your plans anytime to Dave Miller (dmiller@usgs.gov)

For More Information please see Instructions for Authors


Feb 1, 2023        Paper and abstract submission
Feb 15, 2023      Reynolds Award Application and letter of recommendation submission
March 1, 2023    Revised paper submission
March 18, 2023  Registration


David Lee, 2023 Keynote Speaker

David Lee

David Lee is an independent rock art researcher focusing on the function and context of Native American rock art of western North America and the rock art and associated traditional knowledge of northern Australia. He is a founding member of Western Rock Art Research. David has written or coauthoried many papers, reports and books on the Mojave Desert, eastern California, and Australia including "Rock Art East of the Range of Light."


SHARE YOUR RESEARCH: Original and previously unpublished scientific research papers relating to the Mojave Desert or any subject involving any desert are welcome. All papers submitted will be peer-reviewed for relevance to desert topics and scientific content before acceptance.

TOPICS: geology, biology, botany, ecology, archaeology, hydrology, paleontology, tectonics, climate, history, mining, mineralogy, conservation, desert resource management

CARPOOLING! All of us will be carpooling during some or all of the field trip. To the extent possible, please make arrangements to carpool before the meeting with people who you know will be going on the field trip.

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